She investigates missing persons—now she is one.


Private investigator Jessica Shaw is used to getting anonymous tips. But after receiving a photo of a three-year-old kidnapped from Los Angeles twenty-five years ago, Jessica is stunned to recognize the little girl as herself.


Eager for answers, Jessica heads to LA’s dark underbelly. When she learns that her biological mother was killed the night she was abducted, Jessica’s determined to solve a case the police have forgotten. Meanwhile, veteran LAPD detective Jason Pryce is in the midst of a gruesome investigation into a murdered college student moonlighting as a prostitute. A chance encounter leads to them crossing paths, but Jessica soon realizes that Pryce is hiding something about her father’s checkered history and her mother’s death.


To solve her mother’s murder and her own disappearance, Jessica must dig into the past and find the secrets buried there. But the air gets thinner as she crawls closer to the truth, and it’s getting harder and harder to breathe.


"One of this year’s best new thrillers…"

—London Evening Standard


"You’ll find this one hard to put down."

—Daily Record

"One of the most impressive debut thrillers of the past decade."


"Reminiscent of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher...delivers a serious punch."

—Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author

"Mazey Los Angeles noir for fans of Sara Gran. I'm liking it a lot."

—Ian Rankin, bestselling author of the Rebus series

"PI Jessica Shaw is so capable and strong, I couldn’t get enough of her!"

—T.R. Ragan, New York Times bestselling author

"Plenty of twists to keep you guessing until the very end."

—Victoria Selman, author of Blood for Blood

"A brilliant start to a new series with a kick-ass female protagonist."

—S.J.I. Holliday, author of Violet

"An assured and explosive debut with a premise that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go."

—Craig Robertson, author of The Photographer

"Smart, sassy, and adrenaline-fueled, this kick-ass debut is a must-read for thriller fans."

—Steph Broadribb, author of Deep Dirty Truth

"Lisa Gray’s thriller is so assured it’s hard to believe it’s a debut."

—Douglas Skelton, author of Thunder Bay


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Thin Air will be published in SLOVENIA, TAIWAN, RUSSIA, HUNGARY and SWEDEN. Updates to follow!